Online Store Info:


To my customers: I go through a lot of colors/prints so that I have a nice variety and get the latest themes and colors. So you will see a button that you click and it will take you to another page to show you the items for sale. If you find the item you like just note the item number mentioned in the item description and return to this store site and click on that number in the “add to cart” section and it will be added to your order. If you need to see pictures of the solid colors I offer, then see the solid colored polo wrap page as that is the fleece I use for all my fleece products. I do many custom orders for barns, drill teams, etc so please contact me. If you have any questions or are looking for a particular theme or color combination, please email or phone me.

SIZES: My polo wraps are sized as follows

HORSE SIZE – 4 ½” wide X 9 feet long
ARAB/SMALL HORSE SIZE – 4 ½” wide X 7 feet long
PONY/YEARLING SIZE – 4 ½” wide X 6 feet long
MINI/WEANLING – 3 ½” wide X 5 feet long
DRAFT SIZE – 4 ½” wide X 10 ½ feet long (email for draft size)

PRICES: Are noted in the “Add to Cart” shopping area of each item


PAYMENT: PayPal, money order, cashiers check are accepted forms of payment. You may also phone in your credit card too. If you choose to send payment by MAIL then print a copy of the shopping cart without submitting, then send the print copy along with your payment to the following address;

P.O. BOX 1114
RATHDRUM , ID. 83858

SHIPPING: Once payment is received, your order will be mailed out by first class mail or priority mail via USPS postal service. For very large orders within the U..S. then UPS Ground shipping may be used.
SHIPPING PRICES if shipped within the U.S. AND CANADA are as follows

$3.00 $1.00 - $10.00
$6.00 $11.00 - $25.00
$9.00 $26.00 - $50.00
$13.00 $51.00 - $90.00
$17.00 $91.00 - $200.00

For all other international shipping outside of the U.S. and Canada then a separate shipping invoice will
be submitted via PayPal invoice. So you can purchase your items and then I will send you a shipping invoice. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is as follows

$10.00 $1.00 - $20.00
$15.00 $21.00 - $35.00
$20.00 $36.00 - $50.00

ADDITIONAL INFO: I really strive to get orders out as soon as I receive payment. as I want my customers to be out enjoying my products. If I don’t happen to have an item in stock, I will notify you as soon as possible.